What's in a Blog?

Who am I to write a blog? There are thousands of blogs on the internet, thousands of really great blogs written by people who have something profound to say.  

What's in this blog? That is to be determined. There may be profound things said or learned along the way.  There will be talk of yoga, food, travel, and the like.  There may be musings of a human being who is learning and growing, making new friends, and trying new things.  

Who am I to write a blog? I am a person in this great big world who has ideas and words to share.  My first task as a blogger is to document a once and a lifetime opportunity to return to the Big Island of Hawaii as an Intern at a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Cloud Nine Yoga School.  I attended a training last summer in Hawaii and the experience was beyond transformative.  This time I intend to take you along with me to share in my journey as a yoga teacher, a yoga practitioner and as a human being.