Beginnings are a phenomenon we all experience.  It can be a subtle start to something new, or it can change you're entire existence in a short period of time. Beginnings are often disguised as, or found immediately following, an ending. And endings can be challenging.   

Every yoga student has a beginning, that day they first experience a class led by a trained teacher with other students in the room. Some people remember the exact date and time of the class, while others have a vague recollection of the experience. 

My beginning with yoga was one of those subtle starts. I was in my mid-twenties and looking for a workout that didn't involve me feeling sick at the conclusion.  I entered a yoga class at the Adult Center is Roswell, where, as expected, there were several experienced yogis in that sweet time of their lives we often refer to as the golden years.  I was an outsider to be sure. I found a space close to the wall in the back.  The instructor came over and introduced herself, I couldn't have told you her name five minutes later if you asked me.  She inquired about my previous experience with yoga (none) and if I had any injuries.  I went through the motions of the practice, not really making a judgement about the class and I don't remember much about that particular day beyond laying in savasana (resting pose) and thinking, "How long is this lady going to ask us to lay here with our eyes closed? I have things to do.  I came here to do yoga, not rest!"

I went back the next week, made a friend closer to my age, and remembered the instructors name.  It was Colette.  I still laid in savasana and let my thoughts go wild, questioning why anyone would want to just lay here on the floor for so long. 

I kept going.  I learned the names of some of the poses and started to relax a little in savasana. 

I kept going.  I learned Colette was opening her own yoga studio.  When that studio opened at Kana Clothes I experienced a whole new practice. I learned to enjoy savasana.  Colette became a friend and a mentor and I attended her classes with a dedication I had never offered to anything in my life.  

I teach at the studio at Kana Clothes now because I had a mentor who inspired me and encouraged me. My yoga beginning was subtle, and I certainly never knew that yoga would become such a huge part of my life. 

Beginnings are a curious thing.  If we pay close attention to our experiences we can start to recognize when something is a beginning.  

The very first Yoga Sutra of Patanjali says: 

With prayers for divine blessings, now begins an exposition of the sacred art of yoga. 

(Iyengar translation)

Enjoy your beginnings and love yourself as a beginner in any new experience.