Hawaii - An Introduction

I am back on the Big Island of Hawaii, temporarily living at Hawaiian Sanctuary, a 44-acre tropical permaculture farm. The island as well as the sanctuary are healing and nurturing places.  There is  an energy and a vibration to this place. The people are unique, and not just the people from the island, but the people that come to the island to experience all it has to offer.  

Often our expectations or vision of Hawaii are that of beaches, sand, and surf.  Our picture in our minds probably includes coconut trees and banana trees with their big leaves.  While all of these things are certaily present in Hawaii, not all of them are present in the Hawaii I am growing to love.  The farm is inland and an oasis for those desiring a return to simplicity.  Interns move about, cleaning, helping one another, cooking delicious food.  Animals are abundant and serve a purpose as they are permitted to freely move throughout the farm. The land is carefully planned and designed to provide its inhabitants nourishment and enjoyment.  There is a substantial garden next to the open air kitchen that provides additional food.  This is the Hawaii I am growing to love.  

There is compassion for the people and other living things that all make this farm one of my favorite places.  I wish for everyone in their lives to find a place as special as this.