The Now - Hawaii

I left the Big Island in the summer of 2014 with the knowledge that I would return.  I could leave it up to chance, or I could start working and planning.  I chose the latter.  I learned that I could be a Cloud Nine Intern at a basic 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Hawaiian Sanctuary in August.  School starts in August and my new job followed a school calendar.  I didn’t let that stop me.  I worked and planned and made my way back to Hawaii on August 4th, 2015.

My experience this summer was completely different than last summer.  Last summer I basically had a trip to Hawaii fall into my lap and had the incredible luck to be able to follow my heart.  This summer I worked.  I worked over the summer to be able to take time off.  I worked to ensure that responsibilities were taken care of while I was away. 

My life was also in a vastly different place than it was last summer.  I was leaving the mainland a different person this time.  I was also arriving on the Big Island to serve in the role of teacher rather than student. 

I was going to my home on the Big Island, Hawaiian Sanctuary.  I was going to see two of my yoga teachers who hold a huge place in my life and my heart.  And I was going alone, again.  I was nervous, again.  I did not take my basic 200 hour training with Cloud Nine Yoga School and had never seen the curriculum.  I would be learning along with the students as well as teaching yoga classes.  I had responsibilities this time, to teach and facilitate learning.  I was stepping into the role of mentor for these yoga students. 

When you do something for the first time, there is an excitement of the unknown.  A feeling of adventure unlike any other.  When you return to a place that holds special meaning for you, a place that feels like home, a place where people you love gather, there is a sense of peace and calmness.  When I arrived in Hawaii last summer, I was anxious and excited.  This summer I felt bliss in a way that grounded me to Earth like never before.  I was in Honolulu, not my final destination, and my flight was delayed.  I didn’t care, I could already feel the serenity taking over.  I made it to Hilo and my ride was running late.  I gathered my luggage and sat outside in the warm humid air.  My breath came in a long slow rhythm.  There was a clear moment of meditation on that bench outside the Hilo airport. A kind of meditation that only happens when you allow things to take shape and accept events as they come rather than attempting to control all the tiny little variables.

Some people call it serendipity, others karma, and maybe even fate, whatever it is, I knew without a single doubt that I was right where I was supposed to be… again.