Wait... People Are Reading This?

We interrupt the Hawaii series for a humbling human realization.  People are reading this blog.  Not just reading it but reaching out and letting me know how it affects them. Don’t worry, I will still write the last post in the Hawaii adventure. 

When I started this blog it was essentially to take my friends, family, and yoga tribe along with me on my Hawaii trip.  There was a moment (okay a lot of moments) where I questioned if I would even have anything to write about beyond Hawaii.  Then a funny thing happened – people started reading this blog.  Not just people who practice yoga. And I realized this isn’t just a yoga blog, because yoga is not just a physical practice we perform in a studio with a teacher. 

This crazy thing we are all moving through -- known as life -- is so beautiful; but there are times when we desperately need to know that others are out there, sometimes struggling, sometimes succeeding.  We need inspiration from another human to lift ourselves up or know that whatever we are going through, we will be okay.  You will be okay, even great at times.

There is an idea that energy attracts similar energy.  For instance if you project positive energy, you will attract positive energy.  Unfortunately it also works with not so positive energy.  This blog has been a way for me to share positive energy.  It has in turn attracted positive energy into my life.

Writing words down can help process thoughts and create coherent ideas.  When I was sitting on that bench in front of the Hilo airport waiting for my ride, I didn’t consciously think about the mediation I was experiencing.  I did, however, become aware of the fact that I was no longer concerned with controlling those things which I clearly could not.  It wasn’t until I wrote out my last blog that I understood exactly what happened. 

I knew people would read my blog, I didn’t know that what I had to say would create an impact.  We all have that ability.  The ability to leave an impact on the people around us.  You don’t need to write a blog to send out positive energy.  Write a note to someone who you admire, or someone who has done something kind for you.  Use the stamps you save to pay bills that are not online to send a card to someone. Give a hug. Pay a genuine compliment, be specific. Say hi and smile at a stranger, or five strangers. Pick up a piece of trash.  There are an infinite number of ways to send out positive energy.

Thank you to my dear friend Wendy for convincing me to write this blog.  Thank you all for reading these words.  Thank you to anyone who has reached out in comments, text, or conversations.  Your kindness and willingness to express vulnerability with me as fellow humans has filled my heart with love and joy beyond measure.  

Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset