View from the Back

I’ve spent the previous 3 weeks living out of a suitcase. And I’ll continue to do so for at least another week. I’m under no illusion here. It’s been an absolute privilege to be on this journey. I have experienced an incredible amount of nature, beauty, kindness, and community. I’ve made new friends and reconnected with people I love. 

There is an interesting phenomenon in my life. Whenever traveling in a group, I end up in the farthest seat in the back. Back of the van. Back of the car. In the back. I don’t get motion sickness easily, I’m willing to sit in the back, and I have the physical ability to climb into the backseat. I am grateful for all of these things. 

My attitude toward sitting in the back has changed significantly this month. I was frustrated. My legs don’t generally fit well in the back. I can’t hear the conversations happening in in front of me. I can’t see where we are going. 

Whoa. What’s happening here? Why the victim mentality? I’m riding around a tropical island with a group of amazing people and my thoughts are all about me and my negative attitude about where I’m sitting. 

Perspective. I’m on a tropical island. Yeah... It’s beautiful and it’s incredibly grounding. My view from the back seat includes jungle waterfalls, huge river valleys that flow into the ocean, flowers and vines and the greenest greens I’ve ever seen. Sure, I don’t know what the road ahead looks like. And if you ask me how we got to our destination I couldn’t tell you. But isn’t that a bit like living? I don’t know what the road ahead looks like. I don’t know how I’ll reach my destination but I can sit back and enjoy the scenery. Take in the beauty and feel the sun on my skin. 

Another week, a different view and a new group of people.

A different car.

A question from an amazingly curious tiny human: “why do you always sit in the back?” Did she read my mind? I replied with the real reason, I can get into the back easier than anyone else who is riding with us. 

I have grown to love the view from the backseat. Sometimes I have company, sometimes I’m on my own. I may not be able to see where we are going, but I can see where we are. 

I may not be able to see where I am going, but I can see where I am. And where I am is my favorite place to be. Living in this moment. Enjoying the scenery.

The absence of pictures for this entry is a result of me posting from the backseat and refusing to bring my computer on vacation. Much love my friends.